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Chicken Weighing

Measuring chicken feed intake is crucial


ARCC chicken Ft scale:

Challenges facing the chick in the first seven days on the farm

In those first crucial seven days on the farm, chicks face challenges in three key areas: aerial breathing, thermoregulation and feed transition. That is where ARCC chicken scale comes into play. Switching to aerial breathing and starting effective thermoregulation depends on good house management.

Ensuring correct temperature control and good ventilation will heighten the chances of an efficient transition.

The third challenge is feed transition. During incubation and the period immediately after hatching, the chicks feed originates mainly from the yolk energy - predominately lipid form. On placement in the poultry house the chicks are presented with a starter crumb, which is mainly a carbohydrate and protein feed. Integral to this transition is good house management of feed supply, ease of access for the chick and good feed design.

With our scale, ARCC can determine through the use of IOT just how much gain the chickens are consuming per day. The scale also carries co2, temperature and humidity devices.  

Measuring chicken feed intake is crucial. It is also vital to see your health on your brooding house. With our scale, we can provide real time data to you every 15 minutes. this data allows you to measure growth of your chickens from day 1.

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