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Fresh Air

Proper ventilation is key to maintaining good air quality


CO2 Levels Tip


With increased CO² levels (> 3000 ppm), bird behavior and activity will be reduced. If not corrected, this reduced activity level can negatively impact bird growth and feed consumption. Always evaluate flock behavior and make adjustments to the ventilation system to keep the birds comfortable.


Air quality guidelines


Oxygen % > 19.6%

Carbon Dioxide (CO2) < 0.3% / 3000 ppm

Carbon Monoxide < 10 ppm

Ammonia < 10 ppm

Inspirable Dust < 3.4 mg/m³ (.0001 oz/35.3 ft³)

Relative Humidity < 70%

Air exchange with minimal air movement at chick level <0.30 m/s


Circulation Tip


Circulation fans not only help with air mixing within the house, but are important tools to help maintain dry litter throughout the house. Dry litter is important for maintaining good footpad health, providing broilers with a comfortable environment and promoting positive bird behavior.


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