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Silo Loadcell Weighing

Feed is 90% of brooding cost


Feed is 90% of brooding cost and with our FT Logger we can measure your hourly consumption on your feed usage and with our Smart-View Dashboard you will be able to track feed conversion on hourly base on all your silo.


Silo monitoring benefits for feed mills


  • Information enables mills to deliver more product less often
  • Significantly reduce delivery cost per tonne by lowering number of trucks on the road
  • Reduce carbon footprint
  • Health & safety improvement - avoid need to climb silos
  • Customer retention
  • Monitoring of feed level in real time
  • Highly accurate measurement (50 kg)
  • Data collection
  • Predict run out and prevent panic ordering




  • Online platform enables customer vision of levels
  • Email threshold alarm sends customers level alerts
  • Real time analysis
  • Website works on all devices
  • Automates certain daily activities to free up staff
  • Data integration service - we provide data direct to customers ERP or CRM
  • Live reporting with Google Sheets and Node-RED reports
  • Email & SMS threshold alarms sends customers level alerts
  • We provide data direct to customers ERP or CRM

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