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Monitoring bulk materials can be challenging


Silos, bins or hoppers are commonly used to store grains, animal feed, corn, pellets, seeds, and oats in the agricultural sector. Similar storage methods are also used for food, construction materials, mining products, municipal waste, recycling, plastic ingredients, and fuels.

Checking the stock levels of such large containers often involves climbing the side of the container and measuring the stock level from the top, which puts workers at risk of falling. It is of high priority to make routine processes like stock monitoring as safe as possible, particularly in the agriculture industry, which has one of the highest rates of work-based fatalities. Furthermore, manual stock checks are not only time-consuming but also inaccurate.

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Digital stock monitoring is essential for safe and efficient operation


It is possible to reduce storage and transport costs by optimizing stock levels and deliveries using reliable data provided with digital stock monitoring. It also enables a quick resolution to any leaks in stock supply by providing alerts if there is a sudden drop in stock. 3

Sensors are used in digital systems to detect how much stock is remaining in a silo. However, automatic measurements are challenging in silos, as levels are often uneven with irregular build-up and lots of dust.

Smart farming practices are of utmost importance for any economy to foster its growth and development and tackle problems like hunger and food insecurity and ensure the well-being of its citizens. However, such practices usually require large investments that are not affordable for SMEs. Such is the case of expensive weighing machines for silos, while the range of possibilities of the Internet of Things (IoT) could intensively reduce these costs while connecting the data to intelligent Cloud services, such as smart feeding systems.

The paper presents a novel IoT device and methodology to monitor quantity and quality of grains in silo by estimating the volume of grains at different time instants along with temperature and humidity in the silo. A smart feeding system, implemented via a virtual organization of agents, processes the data and regulates the grain provided to the animals.

Experimental on-field measurements at a rabbit farm show the suitability of the proposed system to reduce waste as well as animal diseases and mortality.


ARCC Broiler Data capture


The necessity of data capturing cannot be overemphasized as part of a broiler production program.  Without careful records and data there is little indication of economic progress in broilers.

Daily feed consumption must be measured as accurate as possible. The reason for feed consumption figures is to see whether there is a decrease in feed intake. A decrease can point to sickness or palatability problem.

In conjunction with the feed consumption the following must also be monitored.

  • Water consumption
  • CO2 levels
  • Wind flow
  • Temperature
  • Light program
  • Body weight
  • Feed consumption for flock
  • Feed consumption per live bird
  • Feed conversion to date 

With the ARCC Devices and Smart-View Portal, we can help you to capture and effortlessly refer to this data.


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