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Other Products

Using dam sonar to measure your dam levels 24 hours a day remotely and pressure sensor to monitor pressure in pipelines remotely.


Smart View Dashboard

Smart View Technology brings IoT devices to life through analytics & machine learning. Smart-View IoT accelerates digital transformation, delivering insight through data that unveils unimaginable opportunities.

Chicken Weighing

Measuring chicken feed intake and analysing the overall health of your brooding house is crucial. With our scale we are able to provide you with real time data every 15 minutes in order to measure the growth of your chickens throughout the day.


Silo Loadsel Weighing

Feed is 90% of brooding cost. With our FT logger we measure your hourly consumption on your feed usage and with our Smart View Dashboard you are able to track feed conversion on an hourly basis on all your silos.



Water is an essential nutrient that impacts virtually all functions. Providing enough clean water during brooding directly affects the chick’s long term growth and with our utility logger you can see your usage on an hourly base.


Fresh Air

Proper ventilation is key to maintaining good air quality throughout the house and distributing heat.  Our Co2 logger measures co2 and our hot vane sensor measures airflow in your house and allows you to set your wind program to optimal levels.